Tuesday, February 6, 2018

February Goal

I've decided that my February One Monthly Goal will be my Cherry Baskets quilt. I'm not sure I will be able to get it quilted, but if I get it all together, that would be awesome. 

You can see in the background of this photo that my quilting machine is kind of unavailable for use right now--part of the big re-organization mess I've made for myself. Another goal that I have ASAP is to finally sort through these baskets of scraps. I think it was a goal I had over a year ago too, but it never happened. 

It may be time to start a second 2.5" square container--I can't get the lid to stay on this one!  
One thing I've accomplished already this month it to make a pressing surface for this chest--thank you Mr. Home Depot man (and Mr. Moosebay!).  It's not quite "regulation" big board size, but fits my space nicely and I was able to eliminate my ironing board which I've been wanting to do for ages. It seems much better to have a pressing area with storage and a smarter use of my small sewing real estate! 

Having the Cherry Baskets to stitch on has been a blessing when the standing in one place pressing and cutting scraps gets to be too much!

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Sunday, January 28, 2018


One of my goals for January was to applique two Cherry Baskets each week for the Quilt A Long with Patchwork Insprirations HERE.

I need 18 baskets for the setting I have decided on. I've been tempted to machine applique the cherries and leaves, but my Juki only does a straight stitch and there is no place right now to set up the Bernina.
 Hand applique it is!  

I was asked if it's difficult to sew the diamonds together. It's actually pretty easy! There are four different descending strip sets sewn together plus one single strip (hard to see on the far right).
Each strip set gets trimmed at a sixty degree angle. 
It wasn't in the pattern, but I pressed the 5 and 3 strip sets toward the light top and the 4 and 2 strip sets the opposite way. I think it helped with sewing them together since they nestle a bit and the bulk is reduced.  

And then cut at that angle to make the basket units. I was able to get about 9 or 10 of these units from each strip set. I used a pretty small stitch length when sewing the strips together because I was worried about them unraveling at this point--lol! 

Here is one unit from each of the four strip sets plus the single strip (cut the same way as the sets) for the right corner. 

After sewing the units together, trim off the tops leaving a quarter inch seam allowance from the darker diamond tips. See--- so easy!!!

And here is my main One Monthly Goal--On Ringo Lake!
 It was pretty messy outside and since my sewing space is a disaster, I had to do a chair shot. If I remember, I will try to get a flat photo soon.. 

I still have to attach the label for On Ringo Lake and then I will relax and do a little Slow Sunday Stitching on the rest of my basket handles today. 

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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

A Little Slow....

This week has been pretty crazy--hard to believe it's only Wednesday! I've already had my teeth cleaned, my wrists injected with cortisone, and my hair cut. What I haven't done is any sewing. I'm in the process of rearranging my sewing room, literally moving every single thing but my design wall (which may get moved yet). Lots of cleaning, sorting and purging has been going on, and I am pretty happy with the new layout. My only problem is finding a good set up spot for my printer/laptop. I am way behind on my internet quilt trolling--lol! 
I did get some things accomplished while at quilt camp--a few more 4"x 5" Anthology blocks.
They are pretty fun to make and so darn cute since they are so little.

A few more string blocks for Jamestown Landing got added to the pile--I need a lot more of these before I can start making blocks. 
Another border for Mrs. Billing was finished too! Unfortunately, the next border I need to attach is going to have to be hand sewn--way to many Y seams for me to machine sew!  

I also got the diamond pieced bottoms of my Cherry Baskets sewn at camp. When I got home, I prepped the handle units using a piece of freezer paper ironed to the backgrounds.

Before I left for camp, I prepped a lot of cherries and leaves and drew up an overlay from preview paper for general placement. I'm not being too exact on where the applique goes as long as it's in the neighborhood--lol! 
At least I've been able to get a little hand stitching in in the evenings but I'm afraid it will be a while before I'm back to some serious piecing.....
back to the big do-over! 

Friday, January 5, 2018

A Monthly Goal and Something New

Well, I couldn't resist putting all my On Ringo Lake blocks together so I could determine whether I had too many or not enough parts. For my smaller size that I am making, I needed two more blocks for a total of 32, so I did have to make more geese and pieced triangles. 

I really like how this is looking and I'm determined that it won't end up like every other Bonnie Hunter mystery I've done, so I am making On Ringo Lake my January One Monthly Goal

There are several Sew Along's happening on Facebook that I wanted to participate in, but I have rethought my priorities and am only doing the basket challenge from the Bea and Cecile Quilt-a-Long (you can read about HERE).
The Cherry Basket pattern by Bonnie Sullivan has been on my cutting table for ages, and I thought it might be fun to make a summery version (and in blue, natch!). 

My first two blocks.
 The rules are to make two blocks a week for eight weeks. My setting ( a little different from the pattern) will require 18 blocks, so I will have to do a little hustling to stay caught up and have a top sewn together by April. You can see that my plan for a light background in the previous photo had to be scrapped. I didn't have quite enough light home spun fabrics for the big triangles--they are so difficult to find! But thanks to my friend Brenda P., I had a nice big chunk of deep blue from the bag of fabrics she gifted to me last year. 

Thanks again, Brenda! 

Speaking of home spun fabrics, I don't think I have mentioned that I recently won a big "ol box of them from Janet of Rogue Quilter. 

I had a lot of fun sorting through them--strips, charms, a few triangles and lots of large pieces too! Thanks so much Janet! 

And I had to giggle when I found this little square of fabric buried in the middle of the home spuns!!!
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Sunday, December 31, 2017

Slow Sunday!

I think anything done today will be slow--minus 29 degrees tends to slow things down...unless you are running from your car into the house or vise versa--then it's the hustle shuffle (don't want to slip on the ice!). 
The end is near for the On Ringo Lake mystery.
On Friday triangles were added to the pieced triangle units.
On Saturday, the two different colored flying geese were sewn together. 

And today the blocks are going together. Now it's just a matter of making nine patches from the pieced units.
 I will be leaving for quilt camp in eight days, so I am debating with myself--should I go ahead and make my blocks this coming week, or bring everything along to camp and sew them there? It's not that I don't have plenty of other things to work on--lol!  Hmmmm......

And here are my New's Years Eve celebration plans:
I will snuggle down into a comfy chair in my warm house, do some Slow Sunday hand stitching (my hexie triangles for Mrs. Billings are coming along nicely) and watch The Thin Man marathon on TCM. Perfect!

Stay warm, stay safe, and have a great New Year's Eve!

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Thursday, December 28, 2017

December Goal

It's amazing to me that 2017 is coming to an end--how did that happen?
My One Monthly Goal for December was to get my Primitive Garden top put together.
Sorry about the horrible photo--wouldn't you know that the sun would decide to shine as soon as I got the top pinned to my garden shed. I couldn't quite get it up high enough to be out of snow either!

I added a couple extra flowers to the top border above the sunflowers--it just seemed a little bare compared to the other borders. I'm so pleased with how it turned out and a little sad that it's finished! 
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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Clue Five....

I finally added border 11 to my Mrs. Billings coverlet.
This border has been ready to attach since October. I'm not sure why it took so long--maybe my issues with border 12....

You may recall that I also almost finished border 12 but ran out of fabric pieces while I was at quilt camp. I assumed that I hadn't cut enough of these triangles , but while searching high and low for more fabric, I actually found a little note I had written to myself ( I know, shocker!). I had cut 96 (6 extra according to the pattern) but somehow was still 20 short to finish the borders. I don't know how many times I recounted and recalculated before finally realizing the pattern was incorrect! To finish Border 12 I needed 116 total of template M.
And I didn't have anymore of this fabric. 

Janet of Rogue Quilter to the rescue!
She very kindly offered me a piece from her stash--such a life saver!
The fabric was ever so slightly a bit darker, but once it was cut up and sewn into the border, I think it's undetectable to the human eye--lol!

So here is Mrs. Billing's with border 12 attached--only three more borders to go!
Thank you again Janet! 
This week the On Ringo Lake mystery includes flying geese, and I decided to use my favorite method using the Eleanor Burns rulers

If the geese are made according to Eleanor's instructions, both "wings" will be the same fabric. I wanted my geese to be scrappy like Bonnie's, so instead of  matching the same triangle pieces after step one, I mixed them up so I had different backgrounds sandwiched together. 

This is what you get after step 2 is trimmed up....

Four scrappy geese. 

I'm ready for the next clue!
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